With the new year in full swing, you’re probably wondering what to expect. If you’re interested in enhancing your sense of comfort at home, maybe the answer is new installation of a high-performance heating system! A new, efficient heating system can offer benefits ranging from improved energy efficiency to compatibility with smart thermostats

The expert team at Booneville Heating & Cooling can help you figure out your ideal make and model. We’ll review features and brands until you’re ready to have your new system installed. When you’re ready for your free quote for furnace installation in Booneville, call 662-269-8716 today. But meanwhile, we’ll go over some of the benefits you could enjoy this year if you start the new year with skilled furnace replacement.

Understanding What Furnace Replacement Costs

As with any utility system, you’ll want to consider anything that impacts the total cost of a new furnace. These factors are often:

  • Proper sizing of the furnace: Large or multistory homes should install a more powerful furnace to provide enough heat for the entire property. A skilled technician will know how to determine the best size furnace based on your specific heating needs.
  • Total energy use: Higher efficiency furnaces deliver heat more evenly, lowering energy use with no loss in comfort. Higher performance can also mean higher cost, but lower energy use means savings on your monthly bills. You’d be surprised how much that could be!
  • New features and controls: Furnaces with newer features like compatibility with smart thermostats are usually more expensive at first. Don’t forget, however, that these modern innovations can make managing your HVAC system much simpler.

The key takeaway is that installing a new furnace is about more than the up-front cost – including lifetime costs is equally as useful. Finally, you can’t wait until the furnace you currently have is on its last leg. Proper timing of furnace replacement ensures you don’t pay unnecessary repair costs for the original.

4 Advantages of Installing a New Furnace

Upgrading to a new furnace offers much more for you and your home than just a steady supply of heat. A high-efficiency system can offer other benefits including:

  1. Efficient energy use translates to lower monthly utility bills: Modern furnaces are built to meet rigorous energy efficiency standards, helping lower your monthly utility bills.
  2. Better performance with options such as variable-speed motors: Variable-speed motors can adapt their performance to use minimal energy for the set temperature.
  3. Integration with Smart Home Accessories: Newer furnaces can communicate with smart home accessories like modern thermostats, opening new possibilities for managing your HVAC system more conveniently.
  4. Newer filter designs improve indoor air quality: The more effective your furnace’s air filter, the better your indoor air quality will be. Air quality is just as relevant to a complete sense of comfort, and filters reduce mold spores or pollutants.

Kick Off 2024 with a New Furnace from Booneville Heating & Cooling

Upgrading your home’s comfort and efficiency is a lot simpler than you might think. With a little help from Booneville Heating & Cooling, all you’ll have to concern yourself with is let us know what you want from modern heating. Our team of expert installers will keep at it until we find and set you up with a model that meets those needs.

Ready to start the new year on a more comfortable note? Ask for your free quote for new furnace installation today.*