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How Regularly Should You Service Your Furnace?

Between professional lawn care and raking, you typically do a lot to get your yard ready for chillier temperatures. Inside your home, your furnace is no different. It also requires maintenance to keep it running correctly all through the fall and winter.

But how often should you service your furnace in Booneville? What if it’s newer? Or working well? Is service required then? Let’s review why furnace maintenance is important and how often you should request it.

Why Furnace Tune-Ups are Needed

Your furnace is essential to keeping your home cozy during cold temps. When it’s well-maintained, you’ll have worry-free, efficient warmth. If you regularly neglect tune-ups, your furnace can accumulate dirt. This can cause your furnace to work harder and, because of that, enlarge your utility bills. Avoiding maintenance can also cause your furnace to break down, saddling you with pricey repair bills that could have been preventable in most outcomes.

One of the most essential tasks you can do without help is regularly getting a new furnace air filter. When your filter gets too dirty, your furnace could start reacting by doing something known as short cycling, where it flips on and off repeatedly to avoid overheating. Apart from the fact that this affects your energy expenses, it also reduces your furnace’s lifetime since it’s running more often.

If you have a flat filter, we suggest putting in a new one at the very least once a month. Pleated filters can work up to three months. A simple method to find out whether you need to replace your filter is by taking it out and moving it toward the light. If you don’t notice light through it, you’re due to get a fresh one.

However, how regularly you should replace your filter depends on how frequently your furnace heats, if you have dogs or cats and if anyone in your household suffers from allergies. The Booneville Heating & Cooling LLC techs can help if you’re unsure how frequently you should change your filter or what the ideal model is for your furnace.

How Frequently You Need Furnace Maintenance

We suggest doing furnace maintenance in Booneville once a year, ideally during the time between air conditioning and heating time. This will offer you a head start just in case you have to have any repairs and will confirm you enjoy worry-free heat during the winter. It also keeps your manufacturer’s warranty ongoing, which is essential if you just got a new furnace.

Apart from getting a clean air filter and keeping your register grates free of dust, we don’t advise performing furnace maintenance without help from a professional. Your furnace is a detailed appliance that needs assistance from a heating and cooling professional. All our friendly Booneville Heating & Cooling LLC pros have passed detailed courses to better assist you. They’re also totally licensed and insured, providing you peace of mind that your furnace is in experienced hands.

Here are some of items we’ll do on our maintenance visit:

  • Check crucial components of your furnace, such as the heat exchanger, blower and burner.
  • Clean the inside of your furnace, such as the flame sensor, burner and blower.
  • Check the flue to verify it’s venting correctly.
  • Test complete furnace operation for safety and ideal operation.

Right away is an excellent time to book your furnace maintenance appointment with Booneville Heating & Cooling LLC. Our specialists are here to help you experience a headache-free winter with energy-efficient heat. Contact us at 662-269-8716 to book your appointment right away, and remember to browse our offers for select discounts on your future maintenance appointment.

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